THE SELF WORTH DIET – Because Low Self Esteem Is Fattening


Eugene Weirdo

Here you will find pictures about my cat, Eugene. Well, not really my cat, my husband’s cat.  My cat is Queenie, Liza, Shapshay, Beller Minelli, but she is not as interesting and nutty as my husband’s cat, Eugene.

Eugene thinks he’s a dog an his favorite activity is to chase after used paper towels.  One time when he was angry at me he crawled onto my lap and pissed on me.  He also loves to sleep under the covers and if you don’t watch it he will attack you for no apparent reason.  I have the scars to prove it.

He is huge and eats for sport.  I will post pictures of when we give him a “lions hair cut” in the summer.  He has fat deposits I didn’t know a cat could have.  Enjoy!


Eugene 3

And here is Eugene giving me the high five or saying hug me.  Word of caution when you go in for a hug, he will attack.

Eugene 4

I had every intention on doing laundry but Eugene had other ideas.  Not sure he’d dig the washing machine.

Eugene 5

Here is Eugene helping me write The Self Worth Diet Book!  I am almost done with the proposal.  Wish me luck.  Eugene is not my ghost writer.



Here is Eugene’s summer hair do…a lions cut.  It’s a zillion degrees so he is very happy with the hair cut.  He is the George Clooney of cats and he is in love with his groomer, Camille.

Eugene Lions  Cut

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