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Ashley Graham – Cellulite, We All Got It

Ashley Graham is officially my new hero.  I’ve written a lot about her on The Self Worth Diet and I think I will make her the mascot.  Ashley posted a photo of herself on a bike with cellulite showing on her legs.  If that had been in a magazine then that shit would have been air brushed out, but she posted on her Instagram account and was like, “here I am with my cellulite showing on a bike, happy, go f’ yourself if you don’t like it.”

Ashley does more for the body image movement than say Lena Dunham who eats cake in the nude and thinks she’s super brave for that.  No, Lena, that just says you’re an attention seeker and unsanitary.

Most women, unless you’re a Swedish 16 year old model, have cellulite.  It has nothing to do with weight and everything to do with genetics.  Even when I was anorexic I had a bit of cellulite on my legs.  Was I ashamed of it and covered it up?!  Why, yes.  Do I do that today?  No.

I love her caption to the Instagram photo:  “A little cellulite never hurt nobody,” she gently reminded fans. “Stop judging yourself, embrace the things that society has called ‘ugly.'”

She’s right.  We all need to stop trying to conform who we are to what society thinks we should look or act like. You can buy all the plastic surgery in the world to get rid of your cellulite but it ain’t gonna make you happy.  Happiness is being okay with exactly who you are at this very moment, cellulite and all.

Let us all take a page in Ashley’s book and not give a damn what society or anyone says.  It’s time we start loving our bodies the way God made them.

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