THE SELF WORTH DIET – Because Low Self Esteem Is Fattening

Food Shaming

Inside Amy Schumer – “I’m Bad” – Video

I watched the above video on Amy Schumer’s show, “Inside Amy Schumer” and nearly lost it. I was laughing so hard…because it is so true!  I mean how many times have you been at a dinner with your girlfriends and gotten into a conversation about your binge eating or eating fattening foods.  Oh, and then the dessert tray shows up and what you really want is that piece of Tiramisu all to yourself but instead you all either split a dessert or end up ordering the fresh fruit.

We don’t order that dessert because we’re shamed by society and each other from a very early age about what kinds of foods we “should” put into our bodies.  When you’re a kid you can eat all the fattening foods you want but when you get older and have to start attracting a boyfriend or husband, you’d better not put that piece of chocolate cake into your mouth!

Fattening foods are considered “bad.”  Food companies market to us women who grew up being shamed for what food we eat.  There is Devil’s food cake and often chocolate or other sugary foods are called “sinful.”  You’d never see a dude eating a hot fudge sundae and another dude saying, “whoa, why are you eating that? You’re so bad!”  Dudes don’t judge each other for their food choices, only women do.

And that is why we binge in the privacy of our own homes.  My second time doing stand up was horrific!  I was playing the main stage at the Comedy Store, a huge room!  The room was full and I froze, I couldn’t remember my jokes and was blinded by the spotlight.  I literally told like two jokes then ran off stage.

I slept in my closet that night after polishing off an entire box of Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies that had been in my freezer for some time.  And don’t tell me I’m the only one to do this!  Also one time after a particularly heinous break up I ate not one but two pints of Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey ice cream.

Thank God I don’t emotionally eat any longer.  If I want a piece of cake or ice cream I let myself have it. I don’t go overboard but I don’t deny myself anymore either.  If one of  my girlfriends judges me for it I would tell her to “suck it” but thankfully I don’t have judgy people in my life anymore.

We shouldn’t judge others or ourselves for what they’re eating.  If you’re passing judgment on how others eat than you’re not  happy with your own eating habits.  We have to look at our own inflexible and restrictive dieting.

Amy Schumer’s skit is really important because it goes to core of body image issues.  Ultimately, spending so much obsessive time on what you “should” be eating is unhealthy.  It means you don’t trust yourself or your body.

Thinking that certain foods are bad and you’re bad if you eat them can lead to a dysfunctional relationship with food.  You may find yourself with an eating disorder or with secretive emotional eating.  So, go ahead and eat that piece of cake or ice cream or whatever and don’t feel you’re “bad.”  It will save you from secretly eating an entire box of Thin Mints in your closet.

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