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The Art of Doing Nothing


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This is my cat Eugene who has perfected the art of doing nothing.  For people like me who are always on the go and are type-A personalities, learning how to relax and do nothing does not come naturally as it does for Eugene.

We can learn a lot from our animals.  They live in the moment and are not trying to get anywhere or become something.  They are perfectly happy right here in time.

To master my goal of learning how to relax and do nothing this is what I do:

1)  For 5 to 10 minutes a day I just sit quietly.

2) I shut off all distractions such as phone, computer, TV, etc.

3) I concentrate on my breathing.  I breathe in for eight seconds, hold my breath for 8 seconds then let the breath out for 8 seconds.

4) If negative voices come in to my head I gently and politely tell them to go f’ themselves.  We don’t need to be scared of those voices. Recognize them and acknowledge them but then discard them like you would that Ace of Base CD that has been in the back of your closet for years.

5) After a little meditation I get into the present by feeling the chair I’m sitting on and describing it to myself and how it feels. I know this sounds silly but so many of us are not in our bodies and present so this is a good exercise to do to get you in the here and now.

It’s so important to be grounded and take time each day for yourself to just do nothing.  You won’t be able to recharge your batteries or connect with your higher power unless you do this.  Also, doing nothing is great when you’re faced with a problem because often times we struggle and push to find a solution when the solution is to really do nothing.

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