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Remembering Garry Shandling

I just wanted to write a little blog post about one of my comedic heroes, Garry Shandling.  I  had the pleasure of hanging out with him at a comedy event and we actually talked, not about comedy, but about Buddhism.

You see not many people know that Garry was a practicing Buddhist and had a black belt in meditation.  We talked about our Buddhist practices and about stand up.  I had a little crush on him at the time (this was before I was married).

We connected on a deeper level in regards to our spiritual practice and that meant the world to me.  I found Garry to be, like a lot of comics (including myself), intense, neurotic, a bit self absorbed and brilliant.  He was a writer first and could fashion a joke better than many comics today.

He also created the first “mockumentary” type of show with the “Garry Shandling Show” (shout out to the brilliant Alan Zweibel who created the show with Garry).  In other words, he was before his time.  I related to him because like me, he was a writer first, comic second.

You will be missed Garry. Thank you for inspiring generations of writers and comedians.

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