THE SELF WORTH DIET – Because Low Self Esteem Is Fattening

Kirstie Alley’s Deal With The Devil (Jenny Craig)


Kirstie Alley – Jenny Craig

It’s that time of year again where we all make our New Years resolutions and many of those resolutions involve losing weight.  Oprah has been touting her 12 percent stake in Weight Watchers with commercials about this year being your “best body year.”  I’m not sure what that means….

Then there are the new Kirstie Alley/Jenny Craig commercials where Kirstie hauls out relics from her past…George Wendt and John Ratzenberger from her Cheers days.

It is my civic duty to report on Jenny Craig and its dangerous diet whenever they show up  in the news.  Read my article, Shapshay vs. Jenny Craig if you need some background on my disgust with the diet program.

I’m happy to report that Jenny Craig is teetering on bankruptcy because in this new world of organic foods and healthy eating, ain’t no one wants to consume chemically laden, over-processed foods that can give you gallbladder disease.

I’m not sure Kirstie Alley knows about all of the dangers of the diet that she is promoting but she should.  She has made a deal with the devil.   I would urge Kirstie to look at what’s underneath her need to over eat such as addiction.  No amount of eating overly processed foods with fake fat and food coloring will fix what is really going on with her.

It took me almost dying and having to have emergency surgery from eating Jenny Craig’s diet to realize that I had to stop dieting altogether.  I had to stop looking at what I was eating but what was eating me.

I maintain a healthy weight today by eating healthy and in moderation, plus exercising.  It is as simple as that.  Oh and I had to hit a 12 step program to get the over eating addiction under control.

So, I urge everyone to not make dieting a New Years resolution but to just eat healthy, exercise and stop eating your feelings.  We can’t let the billion dollar dieting industry make more money off of us. Those diets are designed to fail so you come right back.

Enjoy your deal with the devil, Kirstie, you’re down fifty pounds but at the cost of your soul.






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