THE SELF WORTH DIET – Because Low Self Esteem Is Fattening

Oprah’s Gain to Weight Watcher’s Losses


Weight Watchers has been a struggling brand trying to survive in the digital age where free apps like “Lose It” are the dieters choice for weight loss.  While I don’t agree with dieting at all, Weight Watchers was the only program that I half-heartedly approved of.

The reason why I’m okay with Weight Watchers is because they encourage you to eat healthy and buy fresh fruits and vegetables in the store rather than purchase overly processed, chemically laden food like say, Jenny Craig.  And we all know I have a big fat bone to pick with Jenny Craig.

I think Oprah sees a great business opportunity here to buy a stake in Weight Watchers and I say, “you go girl.”  If anyone can turn around Weight Watchers it would be Oprah.  Mention a product on her show and there are hordes of women running out to buy it.

If I could just ask Oprah to also focus (while she is turning around Weight Watchers) on food addiction and body image issues for women.  Women have to see that they can have self worth no matter what the age or body type.  That is my main problem with diet programs is that they teach women & girls that they’re nobody unless they’re thin.

I see this move as a positive one and maybe Oprah can shed some weight or at least light on the underlying issues of women and dieting.  I’m still gonna use my FREE health and fitness app though. Rock on with your bad self, Oprah!

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