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Sedona – A Spiritual Journey

Bell Rock From The RoomBell Rock VortexBuddha BeachRock Formation Buddah BeachSeven Sacred PoolsThe Grand Canyon

(The view from our bed and breakfast room of Bell Rock, The Bell Rock Vortex, Buddha Beach, My rock formation, The Seven Sacred Pools, The Grand Canyon)

Sorry I’ve been MIA but that’s because the hubby and I were on vacation in Sedona and the Grand Canyon.  Above are pictures from our trip.  It was an eight hour drive from Los Angeles to Sedona and let me tell you, if you visit Arizona, the summertime may not be the best time to visit..Oy vey!  It was 107 degrees when we arrived to our cute little bed and breakfast named, “The Cozy Cactus.”

This Jew with migraine problems doesn’t do well in the heat as the extreme heat is one of my migraine triggers.  So unfortunately we had a few good hours in Sedona before I was in bed with a wicked migraine.  Than God for Imitrex and saline nasal spray!

I was good as new the next day which was great because I had planned a very new agey ceremony.  I consider myself an urban, new age chick with a dash of sarcasm and a cup of comedy.  I was drawn to Sedona because of it’s spiritual nature.  Hippies flocked to Sedona in droves in the 60’s for the energy of the vortexes, the natural beauty and the native American history. There is literally a crystal shop on every block in that place.

The first morning of our trip I scheduled a Life Purpose Activation Ceremony for my husband and I.  It was probably more for me as my husband just really goes with the flow.  But I thought this ceremony would be fun and great bonding experience.

We sat on a couch opposite a very nice woman named Mariposa (I think her real name was Kathy or something) and she activated our live purpose by talking to us, meditating with us and then touching our heads.  I didn’t really feel anything while it was happening but have noticed some weird coincidences since I’ve gotten back from the trip…so maybe something was activated!

Because of the brutal heat we went on hikes early in the morning.  My husband would carry my saline nasal spray in his pocket and I would bug him like an 80 year old Jewish woman for my spray when I felt my sinuses flaring up.  The sinus flare can lead to a migraine.

Everyone would tell us while we were there to follow our intuition on what we should do and where we should go and we did just that.  Mariposa told us about a great hiking spot called Red Rock Crossing where we could go to Buddha Beach and build rock formations the rocks represent all of the things we would like to let go of and leave at the beach.

The next day I was reading this Sedona guide book and stumbled upon the Seven Sacred Pools hike…so that was our next destination.  My husband when reaching for his phone to take a picture dropped the 12 year AA medallion I gave him for his birthday.  Something sacred fell into something sacred.  I think it was good luck and sign.

On our last day in Sedona we hiked up Bell Rock. Well I hiked about as far as my fear of heights would take me.  I’m not an expert rock climber and I didn’t see an ambulance waiting so I thought I would play it save and just meditate in the Bell Rock vortex.  While meditating I could feel the energy of the vortex on skin…especially my hands.  My hands were tingling.

After hiking Bell Rock I went to see a psychic recommended to me by a woman I met the previous day at a recovery meeting.  The woman was missing teeth and looked homeless, which is what you really want a psychic to look like.  She was pretty spot on and told me that I needed to change some of our plans for the Grand Canyon, which didn’t make my husband very happy, and sounded wacky coming out of my mouth, but everything worked out perfectly.

Later that day we drove to Williams, Arizona for our next leg of the trip…The GRAND CANYON!  I didn’t know that Williams was an hour away from the Grand Canyon but it seems like you have two options when visiting the Grand Canyon, you can stay at one of the few expensive hotels in the grand canyon or you can stay in Flagstaff or Williams where it is much cheaper and you have more options.

Williams has an old Western shootout reenactment the night we arrived and the little town was super cute.  It looked like a Western town set on a movie lot.  Oh and they had a Dairy Queen…How could you go wrong with that?!

A van picked us up from our hotel the next day for our van tour of the Grand Canyon.  We picked up the most annoyingly talkative woman from New York and her long suffering husband as well as probably the most boring family from Massachusetts.  I’m from Massachusetts and I really tried bonding with them but literally they had all the personality of dead seals on sticks.  Our tour guide/van driver was informative although we did check his facts on a few things and he wasn’t exactly accurate.

It was a fun tour and a long one!  We really saw all of the Grand Canyon.  I think the best way to see it is to hike it but I would need a doctor to go with me as I am just too scared of getting hurt or migrainy.  I know, what a princess!

On our way back to LA we went to an AA meeting in Flagstaff which was 90 percent native American and 90 percent were on court cards or house slips.  It was a sad situation and made me grateful for what I have and the AA in So Cal.

All in all it was a great trip and I can’t wait to go back to Sedona (in the fall or winter).  I do feel like I found what I was looking for and since coming back I do feel like I’m on the right path and being guided.

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