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Michael Buble & Luisana Lopilato’s Instagram Body Shaming Incident

Michael Buble

The Self Worth Diet is going to weigh in on the recent faux pas Michael Buble made on Instagram.  It’s my job to discuss body shaming or anything involving weight or appearance.  My whole blog is dedicated to finding your inner beauty and spiritual awakening.

Okay, with that said, I think Michael is getting too much flack for posting a picture of him standing in front of a girl wearing black shorts with her ass hanging out.  Why is he getting all the flack?  Let’s not forget who took the picture, Michael’s wife, actress Luisana Lopilato.  If you Google Luisana you will see lots of photos with her boobs, ass, whatever it takes to flaunt her beauty hanging out.  So why would it be so shocking to see a random, not famous girl wearing those shorts?

I will tell you the reason, because Luisana and her husband are all about the appearance and I’m going to venture to say they’re pretty shallow.  I don’t think that Michael married Luisana for her intellect or witty banter skills…he married her because she is hot.

And this poor chick who got caught in the photo is not in the public eye. I’m sure she doesn’t have trainers or nutritionists and she never asked to be in the photo so it’s unfair for her to get this attention.  Luisana didn’t take the picture because her ass was falling out, she took the picture because her ass doesn’t fit her ideal of what a beautiful rear end should look like.  It’s not all sculptured and toned like hers.

So, what we really have here is a shallow couple who thought it was hilarious to take a picture of a girl who doesn’t fit their completely unattainable ideal of a woman’s body.  I got news for you Michael and Luisana, most women in America don’t have the time or money to look the way you’d like them to.  I’m also here to tell you guys that looks fade, butts and boobs drop, wrinkles appear but you know what is forever?  I will tell you, your soul.

So, Michael, I would just get honest.  Admit it.  This photo was taken not because she has a beautiful bum, but because she didn’t fit you or your wife’s standards of how women should look.  And that is the Self Worth Diet’s weigh in on the matter.

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