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2015 – The Year of the Supernatural


I’m not Christian, but I don’t judge or put down any religion or spiritual practice.  It would be egotistic and judgmental of me to think that my way of thinking was the only right way.  I’m Jewish but I study meditation at the Self Realization Fellowship and I study Buddhism.  I’m a seeker and I’m always interested in anything involving spirituality.  So when my Christian friend at work told me that her preacher in a past sermon talked all about 2015 as being the year of the supernatural, I was very interested and asked her what that meant.

Apparently 2015 is the year where everything you’ve been working so hard for finally happens.  I don’t know how that makes it supernatural but, I’m in!  I did some research online about this being the year of the supernatural and this is what I found.

Interesting, this is the first time in 2000 years that the Hebrew and Roman calendars coincide.  According to  The year of the supernatural means a year of jubilee.  In this year all of your debts will be paid or settled.  It is a year of rest and a year to make a complete turnaround.

The riches of the wicked will be transferred to you because you have sown and given.  Money and businesses will come to you and your cup will run over.

I’d like to think supernatural shit will also happen to you which would explain why so many weird coincidences and premonitions are happening to me since the first of the year.

So everyone, have a great 2015, it seems to be your year!  Supernatural it up!

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