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Malcolm Butler’s Divine Interception

Malcolm Butler Picture

I want to preface this article by saying that I grew up in the suburbs just outside of Boston so I am along with everyone from Beantown, a massive Patriots fan.

I have to say that in all my years of watching my beloved Boston teams there is one thing I notice time and time again…There are so many game winning miracles that happen to our teams!  This past Sunday’s Super Bowl delivered the latest one.

I couldn’t even watch the TV when Seattle was just seconds away from scoring the game winning touchdown.  My husband had to tell me to take my hands off my eyes so I could see the replay of Malcolm Butler’s interception.  No one even knew who this Malcolm Butler guy was before the last 20 seconds of the Super Bowl.

The nature with miracles is that they’re divinely inspired and you don’t see them coming, ever!  The very definition of a miracle is when the seemingly impossible becomes possible.  It was impossible to think that a 5 11’, 185 pound undrafted rookie free agent could make this game winning play.

He’s an underdog, he ain’t no Tom Brady.  Don’t get me wrong, I think Tom Brady is dreamy and a hell of a quarterback, but the dude hasn’t struggled a day in his life…He’s married to a Brazilian supermodel for f’ sake!  You expect people like Tom Brady to just glide through life and perform well. Miracles don’t happen to those who haven’t had any adversity.

Malcolm has had plenty of adversity.  He’s from Vicksburg Mississippi and grew up poor with a single mother who had five children.  He played two seasons of high school football then went off to Hinds Community College.  He got kicked off the team for a drug related charge so he got a job at Popeyes frying chicken.

He returned to Hinds the following year.  He didn’t have the grades for the bigger schools and was still working at Popeyes to support his mother.  Malcolm ended up going to West Alabama.  He shined there, but no team was interested until the Patriots saw him.

Malcolm has been described as a “ball hawk” and an incredibly hard worker.  He was also described as humble and appreciative.  He apparently has a huge heart to go along with his ball skills.  You can’t teach heart, you either have it or you don’t.

He didn’t have an easy road when he got to the Patriots either.  He needed to go through a tryout camp this past May then was added to the 90-man roster.  He wasn’t even part of the starting rotation for the Super Bowl either.

It was the first interception of Malcolm’s NFL career.  It was also the only time this season that a team threw an interception from the opponent’s 1-yard line.

The one thing that struck me after the 1-yard line divine interception was when Malcolm was being interviewed.  He said, “I had a vision I was going to make a big play.”  And as soon as the play was over he was crying and pointing his finger to God.

From a girl that has had her own visions and those visions coming true, I completely relate and I do believe that miracles are God’s way of being anonymous but yet showing us his omnipresence.  Malcolm Butler and his fantastic play are nothing short of a miracle.  Goes to show you that adversity + hard work + faith = divine interceptions.

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