THE SELF WORTH DIET – Because Low Self Esteem Is Fattening

15 Things That Should Never Define Your Self Worth (c/o Mind Body Green)

The below list of outside things will never define your self worth.  Number three especially because your self worth is not measured on a scale.  I have to remind my own damn self about number 11!  If any of these things changed tomorrow you would still be okay…Nothing on the outside will fix you or make you happy.

1. Your relationship status.

2. Your job, lack thereof, or complete confusion over what to do with your life.

3. Your size, proportions, or entire visual appearance.

4. The cost of anything you own.

5. Whether you made it to the gym today.

6. Your level of education.

7. Whether you’ve failed more times than you’ve succeeded.

8. The size, location, or quantity of family members in your living space.

9. Your parents’ opinions of you or your choices.

10. The size of your debt.

11. Whether you choose to marry or have children.

12. How many people you’ve slept with.

13. Not feeling happy or confident 24/7.

14. Whether you’re invited to an event, regardless if “everyone is going.”

15. Whether you have yet to discover your innate worth.

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