THE SELF WORTH DIET – Because Low Self Esteem Is Fattening

This is What Real Women Look Like – Love Your Bodies, Ladies!

body image

Body Image 2

Body Image 3

I read the above article last week about photographer Neringa Rekasiute and journalist Beata Tiskevic and communications specialist Modesta Kairyte and their WE.WOMEN exhibit in Lithuania.  The photography exhibit takes 12 regular ole women, strips them down to their underwear then takes pictures of them in front of a mirror.

Each of the 12 women have personal stories next to their photographs.  The stories range from “skinny-shaming,” skin diseases, eating disorders, mental disorders, cutting, “fat-shaming,” and cancer.  The photos capture their initial reaction to their bodies in the mirror. You can see on their faces some liked what they saw and others were horrified.

I don’t know many of my friends who would pose for a photo like these. I live in Los Angeles after all, the plastic surgery/anorexia capital. Women in the entertainment biz and Los Angeles are held to a much higher standard than the rest of the country and it shouldn’t be that way. Hell, no woman should have body shame no matter where you live.

Women’s lack of self worth with their beautiful bodies, no matter what size, scar, shape or cellulite has the media and especially the dieting industry to blame.  Do you honestly think that Kim Kardashian’s ample rump photo wasn’t airbrushed?…well you couldn’t really see because she was oiled up more than a turkey leg before it hits the deep fryer at the county fair.  Yes she was airbrushed!  All your favorite celebrities and even models are airbrushed.  It’s not fair.  We can’t live up to those images.

The dieting industry and the media shouldn’t prance out airbrushed images of their models and celebrities so that every women can feel ashamed of their less than the ideal bodies.  Why are they the arbiter of the female ideal.

Body image is a real issue with women and girls and I’m glad the creators of this exhibit are making us look in the mirror.  Instead of shaming ourselves for not being perfect we should love ourselves with our perceived flaws and all.

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