THE SELF WORTH DIET – Because Low Self Esteem Is Fattening

Help Stop Human Trafficking In Los Angeles

Definition of human trafficking from the CAST (Coalition To Abolish Slavery & Trafficking) website:

“Human trafficking is the process by which a person is recruited to be controlled and held captive for the purpose of exploitation.

Traffickers threaten to or use force, coercion, abduction, fraud, or deception to bring their victims under their control, in addition to abusing their power or the vulnerable social or economic status of their victims. The resulting exploitation is essentially a modern-day form of slavery as human trafficking victims are subjected to sexual exploitation or forced labor. This labor usually consists of making clothing, growing food for export, assembling toys for children, cleaning homes and providing childcare to the family of their slaveholders. Women and girls are also forced or tricked into prostitution.”

One of the biggest ways to increase your self worth is to get out of yourself and help someone else.  I know that when I’m happiest is when I’m doing charity work.  Nothing helps your self esteem more than helping lift other souls.

Here is a chance to volunteer for a great cause.  This coming Saturday, November 29th at 1:15pm the National Council of Jewish Women and Ahavat Torah synagogue is hosting an event to educate the public about human trafficking as well as train you to work as a volunteer. As a volunteer you will be working one on one with survivors of human trafficking.

Call:  310-362-1111 to rsvp for the event. – if you need more information.

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