THE SELF WORTH DIET – Because Low Self Esteem Is Fattening

Life is Like Photography. You Need the Negatives to Develop


I saw this, this morning in an article about forgiving yourself.  I read it at the exact right time because I was just about to go down the rabbit hole.  The negative voices or “imposters” as my husband likes to call them are especially loud in the mornings.  I do like to beat myself up for my past and not getting my shit together sooner.

The article talks about forgiving yourself for your past mistakes so you can learn and move on from them thus moving forward in a positive frame of mind.  I often feel bad about the many challenges I’ve had and have currently but I believe that all of those things happened and happen for a reason.  I would not be able to be a teacher and spiritual guide or enlighten others in any way if I didn’t have those experiences.

Most of the great spiritual leaders and I will include Oprah and Elizabeth Gilbert in those leaders, have had their struggles and are able to come out the other side shining brilliantly so we know we can do it too.

So, this morning, when I was in self pity and wishing everything came easy for me, I know that if that happened I wouldn’t be on the spiritual path.  God bless those who glide through their lives.  They’re usually the ones with small boring existences.  I choose to be conscious, free, peaceful and a warrior because I want a big, exciting life.

So, bring on the challenges, I will overcome them and see how I can help others from those experiences.  I’m grateful for all the negatives that help me develop spiritually.

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