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Rejection Is God’s Protection

Rejection is God's Protection Picture

Wednesday was a tough morning.  I got a call from my husband at 8:00am that he had been let go from his job that he had only just started 3 months ago.  My heart dropped to my stomach.  I started to tear up when I heard the shakiness in his voice.

I was shocked but not really all that surprised.  I say this because there were a lot of red flags with the job.  We both had doubts about the people running the company because of some of their behavior. There was something not quite right.  But we both thought he was being put there for a reason and that he could be of maximum service to those in the sober community.

There was no warning for my poor hubby, no chance for improvement, no “let’s try this”, nothing.  It was just, “It’s not working out.”

Trust me, I’ve been fired from many, many jobs. I’ve also been put on probation and quit before I got fired.  Most of those jobs I lost were because of my out of control behavior while drinking and using

In my experience when I was let go a few times without warning it was really God’s will.  As we say in recovery, “rejection is God’s protection.”  I truly believe that.  These experiences happen for self reflection and for spiritual growth.

Of course, when it first happens that is not how we feel.  We go down a rabbit hole so dark and depressive.  What’s wrong with me?  Why didn’t they like me?  I’m a failure. I’m flawed, etc. That is just the ego and our low self worth talking.  A job, a relationship or anything external does not make you who you are.  One can never allow their external conditions to dictate their internal condition.  Happiness will never be achieved by anything on the outside.

My husband is a deeply spiritual human being with a solid internal life so nothing on the outside shatters him.  I admire that so much about him.  He is like the sky, bad weather just passes through while he always remains sky blue.

What I think as an outsider I’ve learned from this situation with my husband is that the job wasn’t in alignment with my husband’s morals and spiritual principles which is why he was removed.  I know he sees that this rejection is God’s protection and that God or the universe has his back.

What I also learned is that he was never certain about the job, so the job so in essence was not certain about him.  It mirrored him.  I feel he was really settling and not being honest with himself or loyal to his core values.

Every time I’ve been rejected it just makes me realize what I don’t want and moves me closer to my goal.  Something better is always in store.  By staying in bad situations it just limits your worthiness and we’re all about self worth here.

So maybe if you’re having a problem with rejection, change your perception and realize that your negative reaction is just coming from your ego.  Your soul loves rejection because it will make you grow spiritually and motivate you to move ahead in the direction that aligns with your heart and values.  Relax, and realize God has your back and is protecting you.

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