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11 Worst Fast Food Restaurants in America

fast food
(Care of The Week)

Americans like their food fast and cheap. We’ve all eaten at fast food restaurants because it saves time is really an American past time. But those times are changing. Why? Because the quality of the food is so poor and it’s so damn bad for you.

If you’ve seen the movie, “Super Size Me” then you know eating McDonalds can cause you to be obese and unhealthy. Most of America still eats that crap, unfortunately. My sister lives in Indiana and there is a Dairy Queen or McDonalds every block or so. There is also a ton of gun shops, but that is a whole other issue.

But, in most major cities in America the tides are changing. I believe America is hungry for fresh and healthy food. There are so many food writers and documentaries out there now that have been slamming the food industry (for good reason) that major food companies are creating healthy alternatives.

A lot of us now are shopping organic and not eating genetically modified or processed foods. As a result of this we’re seeing the popularity of these fast food chains decline.

So, enjoy the above article which will hopefully make you think twice about eating fast food.

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