THE SELF WORTH DIET – Because Low Self Esteem Is Fattening

Fattest Cities in America

Ironically, I read the above article while I was in a cab from Albany Airport to Newark Airport this past Tuesday sitting next to an obese woman and her son. I have to thank United Airlines for a lovely trip from Albany to Los Angeles.

I have some advice for you, don’t ever fly United Airlines and try not to fly into any city that isn’t a major hub. Due to mechanical and weather problems my flight from Albany, NY to Newark, NJ then to LAX was delayed SIX HOURS! They should have just cancelled the flight.

It was suggested to us that we get the hell out of Albany for fear of not being able to take off the next morning so we took the option of going to Newark Airport at 1am in a taxi next to an obese woman and her son for a 7am flight out of Newark to LAX. No hotel room, no sleep, and no refund. It was hands down my worst flying experience ever.

The taxi driver told me and my husband that his taxi only seats four while staring at the obese woman. I thought that was very cruel but after 3 hours in that taxi, I understood what he was saying.

I’m lucky that I live in Los Angeles because it is one of the healthiest cities on the list where as the city this woman was from was high on the obesity list. I don’t think this woman can have much self worth while using a cane just to get around and being out of breath just getting into the cab.

I had empathy for her, I did. I’ve traveled all around the United States and healthy eating and lifestyle is not encouraged in most states. We need to change that. While traveling in Upstate New York and Massachusetts the fattening and unhealthy food options were great. It took great effort just to maintain my “regular” diet.

After reading this article and suffering in a cramped taxi with an obese woman, it made me realize that it’s time we really deal with this obesity issue and make healthy eating a priority in the United States.

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