THE SELF WORTH DIET – Because Low Self Esteem Is Fattening

Kate Hudson’s Extreme Exercise and Dieting


Kate Hudson, God bless her has a new line of workout clothing line called Fabletics.  She was on the cover of Shape Magazine and in the interview she talks about her exercise and dieting regime.  She gained 70 pounds while pregnant with her second child and lost the pounds by eating a low calorie diet and working out SIX HOURS A DAY!  Excuse me?! Yes, you read that correctly, that is six hours a day.  I love how when this fun fact was reported no one bothered to say to Kate, “hey, do you think that is a little obsessive?!” or maybe asking her, “do you think it’s really safe to do that while breast feeding?!” 

I can understand working out six hours a day if you’re a professional athlete but not if you’re an actress.  I feel that celebrities, because they’re in the public eye, have a certain responsibility as public figures to be kind of like role models.  They have a very public platform to actually do some good in the world.  Why would you waste your platform by promoting unhealthy post pregnancy weight loss. 

As girls growing up we need positive role models of healthy bodies.  What does it say to that teenage girl who adores Kate Hudson to see her not eat a lot and work out 6 hours a day just to lose the weight she gained while pregnant?

You’re supposed to gain weight while pregnant!  I think the message that Kate Hudson is giving girls and women is that being overweight is the worst thing in the world and that being thin is your ultimate goal.  Kate isn’t the only one giving that message, we’re told by magazines, the media and our own mothers that in order to have self worth we need to be a certain weight.  If you’re not skinny then no man will want you and you will be unpopular.  Those were the messages I got growing up and I don’t think they’ve changed very much since I was a teenage girl. 

I understand Kate is in the public eye and wants to look her best but please do it in a healthy way that doesn’t lend itself to obsessive behavior. It’s behavior like this that can lead some women to eating disorders, myself included.  I was always 20 pounds overweight and I based my self worth on how thin I was. Geneen Roth talks about weight and self worth in her book, “Women Food and God.”  She says and I paraphrase, that what’s on your plate is how you view the world.   For me, I liked to deprive myself.  There would always be very little on my plate and I what I did eat I would obsessively exercise afterwards, just like Kate Hudson.  What my plate was saying is that “I’m not good enough.”

I had such low self worth that I felt the thinner I was the happier I’d be.  I felt I needed to be punished because I was bad, ugly and less than if I was over weight.  Is that what Kate Hudson is feeling as well?  I don’t know, but I feel she is not doing her part as public figure to promote healthy weight loss, self worth or positive body image.  (I would also like to add that she got plastic surgery in the form of breast augmentation, so obviously, she puts a lot of emphasis on her appearance).

We need celebrities out there who promote healthy weight loss and most importantly soul nourishment.  So, celebrities, please stop talking about how you lost the baby weight.  We don’t need another article or interview on that.  Talk about how you feel inside because we don’t need to be fixing ourselves from the outside in, but from the inside out. 




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