THE SELF WORTH DIET – Because Low Self Esteem Is Fattening

5 Unhealthy Foods Engineered To Be Addictive


c/o Martha Rosenberg –

This article is a must read.  Dangerous chemicals are put into food to enhance the way the food looks and tastes.  These chemicals are no different than a drug that one can get addicted to.  So what I believe this article is saying is that major food companies are our drug dealers and we’re a nation of addicts.

When I was on Jenny Craig in 2011, I really believed my counselor when she told me the processed food, approved by dieticians, nutritionists and doctors was healthy, but the longer I was on the diet the sicker I got.  They put so many “enhancing chemicals” into the food to make it taste and look better that I have no idea what I was eating.  Those chemicals didn’t make it onto the food label on the box.  Needless to say I had to have emergency surgery to take out my gallbladder 10 months into the diet.  My gallbladder had over 1,000 stones in it.  My health has not been the same since going on the diet.  I have a very sensitive system and prolonged consumption of chemicals really did a toll on my body.

There were many lessons both spiritually and physically that I learned from my experience with Jenny Craig’s chemically laden food such as, never diet again, being skinny will not make me happy and eat only organic fresh foods.  When I do buy something that comes out of a box, I am checking that label to see if there are any chemicals or processed anything.  I have post traumatic chemically laden food disorder.

We’ve got to stop letting these companies poison us as well as allow us to become addicted to their food.  It’s time to stop and take back our lives and our self worth.  I urge everyone to stop dieting, eating “low fat” or processed foods and eating any of the foods in this article.  I’m glad to see others like me fighting against the evils of the food and dieting industry.  The madness has to end, we need to sober up. 




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