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California Chrome – Getting a Little Help From Above


California Chrome is just one day away from becoming the 12th triple crown winner.  Do I think the horse will win the triple crown?  Yes, absolutely.  The reason I think so is because the horse is getting a little help from above.

It’s got to be divine intervention because California Chrome makes no sense why he’s winning so much!  I mean look at his stats.  He didn’t come from a snooty, expensive trainer or owners, he’s not the fastest horse (look at his times in the Kentucky Derby and Preakness) and he isn’t the strongest.  But what California Chrome has is a great back story, heart and a guardian angel.

Steve Coburn, the 61 year old factory worker who owns California Chrome along with a friend and their wives told ABC that the horse’s guardian angel is Brenda, his sister who died from cancer at just 36 years old.  California Chrome was also born on Brenda’s birthday.

Coburn said, “I do believe this colt’s got a guardian angel with him all the time.  I say a prayer before every race and between her (Brenda) and him (California Chrome), everything’s coming true.”

There is a lot of power in prayer and guidance from above. And let’s not forget about all the fantastic coincidences surrounding the horse.  I honestly believe that coincidences are God’s way of remaining anonymous.  So we’ve already got the coincidence of California Chrome being born on Coburn’s sister’s birthday, but let’s look at another strange occurrence involving all three post positions for the horse.

California Chrome was in the number 5 post position for the Kentucky Derby, the number 3 post position for the Preakness and will be at the number 2 post position for the Belmont Stakes.  Secretariat, who won the triple crown in 1973 also just happened to have the same exact post positions for all three races.

I’m a big believer in signs and there are quite a few going on for California Chrome.  I also believe this horse is the living embodiment of the American dream.  California Chrome is an underdog, a rags-to-riches story. 

Steve Coburn told USA Today, about California Chrome, ‘He loves people, he loves what he does and that’s why he’s America’s horse, ‘What he’s doing for two guys that work their butts off every day just to put beans and bacon on the table, this horse has given everybody else out there the incentive to say, “You know what? We can do it, too.”‘

For those of you not familiar with California’s Chrome’s humble beginnings, Steve Coburn along with Perry Martin own the horse.  They’re just two average Joes. 

Coburn worked for a company in Nevada that makes magnetic tape for credit cards and Martin owns a California lab that tests air bags and landing gear.  They worked 9 to 5 jobs and are everyday working men.  You wouldn’t see them wearing plaid pants and Izod shirts at the country club with their kids named Muffy and Brad.

They scraped together $10,000 to get California Chrome.  They were lucky and got their horse to the barn of Art Sherman, who at 77 became the horse’s trainer.  Art Sherman started off as a jockey then became a trainer in 1980.  “I never had the big stables or the moneyed people behind me, just mom and pop operations and people that’s always good friends,” he said. ” … It’s a different ballgame for me. Beating all the big boys and maybe they had their doubts that this horse wasn’t a runner … When you run against him you find out. He’s the real McCoy.’ Art said about Chrome.

I do believe that California Chrome is destined to be the next triple crown winner.  The horse shows us that we can make our big fat American dreams come true.  All we need to make that happen is a little hard work, prayer and most importantly faith in the heavens above.



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  1. Evan

    Nice post honey. You made a case for god in sports

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