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Nestle Sells Off Jenny Craig

Sorry, I would have reported this back in November of 2013 when it happened but I didn’t have a blog then.  I’m going to make a prediction right now and this is just my opinion, but I think Jenny Craig will go out of business for good in a year or two, maybe less. 

Nestle sold Jenny Craig to North Castle Partners a private equity firm in November of 2013.  They will combine Jenny Craig with Curves fitness, one of their other brands.  Every time I see a Curves I have to laugh out loud.  Curves from the outside looks like a frozen yogurt shop and I just picture Oprah playing 24 hours a day on the TV’s. I also see women sweating on lavender gym equipment while their menstrual cycles are getting in synch with each other. (I gotta work that into a stand up routine!)

Nestle, in my opinion was smart to sell Jenny Craig off.  A Nestle executive said after announcing the sale of Jenny Craig, “We are business people. We want to do business, not get rid of business. But there are certain things that we don’t see that we can fix.” I think Jenny Craig is a hard brand to make successful now for many reasons.  The first being that we’re a more health conscious nation.  We really want to know what is in our food.  Most of us are buying organic and eliminating our consumption of processed foods.

The second reason why I believe people aren’t joining Jenny Craig is all the bad publicity and law suits against them, my lawsuit included.  The internet is riddled with complaints against Jenny Craig of gastrointestinal problems and gallbladder disease (including a 1994 class action lawsuit where 360,000 people claimed they got gallbladder disease from their diet). 

Also many former employees are also speaking out about the diet being chemically laden as well as difficult working conditions.  Jenny Craig has had to close many of it’s locations.  I think the writing has been on the wall for a while now.  I also think Jenny Craig had the opportunity to change it’s diet and program after the first class action lawsuit but neglected to do so.  What I believe is happening now is karma.  There is only so long you can act with immoral impunity without it catching up with you.

2 Responses to “Nestle Sells Off Jenny Craig”

  1. Jennie

    My daughter has been on JC for five months. She is twenty yrs old. She was recently admitted to hospital with a gallbladder filled with stones! One stone lodged in pancreas causing inflammation and required high doses of antibiotic. She will
    need surgery to remove her gallbladder! Who do we contact to get on the class action lawsuit? As it is most likely caused by all the over processed food that JC does not warn you about

    • Mara Shapshay

      I’m trying to start a new class action but need more people. please send your information to my email – I had a suit that was just me but dropped it in favor of going the class action route way. She is not alone. I will give you my phone number when you email me.


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