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How to Handle Rejection with Spiritual Flare


I’m a writer and stand-up comic so I’m well versed in rejection.  Each heart breaking defeat feels like there are thousands of mutilated kittens burrowing into the bottom of my soul. Wow, that was a dramatic sentence!

This past Memorial Day weekend I spent the majority my time NOT going to BBQ’s or relaxing but trying to meet a few deadlines.  One of the deadlines was for an online magazine who wanted me to rewrite my Marianne Williamson interview from a recovery perspective.

I wrote and rewrote the article passing up potato salad and grilled fare.  I dutifully met my deadline and handed in my article to the online magazine on Tuesday when I got back to work.

Might I also add that I have a day job so I have to write on the weekends and on a few nights during the week.  My time is spread really thin.  Anyway, I handed in the article and got this rejection back, I’m afraid this is really too slight for us. Most of our interviews run 1800 words, and you don’t have enough material to do this as a Q and A.  Your sober living piece was terrific, that I will be using in the near future, but unfortunately this piece will not work for us.”

Okay, first of all, I’d like to say that they never told me the interview had to be 1,800 words or that it was a straight Q and A.  Also, I gave them a piece on my sober wedding, not sober living. In an email after that rejection they asked me to rewrite the article.

In the program we always say, “Rejection is God’s protection.”  I do believe that.  I was thinking about the way I rewrote the Marianne Williamson article and it was really too programmy which violates one of the traditions in my recovery program.  So, I wrote back and said I WOULDN’T be willing to rewrite the article and that I didn’t feel comfortable breaking a tradition.  I have no problem writing about my own life but I’m always very careful when mentioning the program. 

I really think the rejection was my higher power’s way of protecting me from doing anything that would compromise my integrity or my program, which means everything to me. 

I got an icy reply back.  I also got rejected not once but 3 times in the past week for articles I submitted to the Huffington Post.  I don’t really know why, but I do know that the Huffington Post is not what it used to be. They’re literally deluged with bloggers.  It was way more selective when I started writing for them 4 years ago.  You would also get featured in your section or on the home page.  Now you’re buried in the blogging section of pages no one really looks at.

Anyway, my self-esteem took a minor hit from these defeats, but I do believe there is always something to learn from rejection.

Lesson One:

Don’t let a rejection destroy your dreams or discourage you. 

Lesson Two:

Don’t react negatively, but ask your higher power to direct you where to go next. Pray for your higher power’s vision for you and to reveal that path.

Lesson Three:

Keep the faith and practice gratitude.  Write down 10 things you’re grateful for and 10 great qualities that you have.

Lesson Four:

You don’t have to be perfect.  Let go of perfection.

Lesson Five:

Practice humility – pride always comes before a fall.

Lesson Six:

Be open to your higher power’s plans for you

Lesson Seven:

Be Patient. I always want the puzzle pieces to fit really fast but sometimes it takes a while for it all to come together.


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