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Marianne Williamson For Congress Interview

I’m reposting my interview with Marianne after reading Los Angeles Magazines article today, “A Guru In Congress?”  In my interview with Marianne, I asked her if she was bothered by the press calling her a “new age guru.” She told me, “that phrase is obviously used to diminish and trivialize the thinking of anyone described that way, on the other hand, I think that our culture has progressed enough in the last few decades that most people can see through the ruse.”

As the primary inches closer and closer the articles on Marianne are increasing.  Almost every article I read has the words “spiritual” or “guru” or “new age” in them.  Why don’t we try to focus more on the message and what she is trying to accomplish rather than trivializing her spiritual background. 

I honestly believe that her background and deep compassion and empathy can be a real asset to Congress.  So, when you’re reading articles about Marianne, look for the ones that don’t attack her spiritual beliefs but talk about her message.

P.S. – Wanted to let you know I’m rewriting my interview article from a recovery perspective for so be on the look out.

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