THE SELF WORTH DIET – Because Low Self Esteem Is Fattening

Self Worth Diet Daily Temperature


I find that it is important every day to review the day before and write down everything I ate, what I did well and what I didn’t do well. In order to have healthy self worth, having self awareness is very important. I log everything I’ve eaten the day before to make sure I’m eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and that I’m staying away from dangerous processed foods and sugar. Upon reviewing my day I know if I need to make an amends to anyone because having self worth means you’re accountable for your words and actions. I also see where I can do better the next day as well as congratulate myself for things I have done well.

I encourage everyone in the comments section to write down their daily temperature.

Daily AEIOU Plus Y and G

A – Appetite

Breakfast – Apple

Lunch – Salad with chicken                                         

Snack – Carrots

Dinner – Kale salad with chicken

E – Exercise

Did some walking

I – Myself

Tried to take a little time for myself yesterday as all this weekend I was running around. I shut off my phone for a little for a change.

O – Others

Went to a friend’s birthday dinner even though I had plans for something else. It really meant a lot to him.

U – Uncover Feelings (what was the predominant feeling you had yesterday? And what could you do better?)

Honestly, I felt off the beam yesterday because of the hectic weekend and my joints were aching because of all the stress. I felt tense and in need of a vacation.

What I could have done better, well, that one is easy. I could have gotten way less annoyed with the family using the complex pool as their own personal pool all day and being so loud. I live right off the pool but kids are kids. I can’t say that if I had children I wouldn’t use that pool all day either. I bought some ear plugs and will use a loud fan.

Y- Yahoo (what was the highlight of my day yesterday)

Punching up the jokes for the pilot with my comic friend and co-writer, Felicia. It’s amazing how raunchy two female comedians can get.

G- Gratitude (List 3 things you are grateful for)

I’m grateful for my sponsor, I’m grateful for my recovery, I’m grateful for my job




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