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Taryn Brumfitt’s Body Image Documentary

Taryn Brumfitt’s Body Image Documentary

I loved reading about Taryn Brumfitt.  Here is an Australian woman who posted a picture of herself post baby on her Facebook page and it went viral.  She is naked in the picture and doesn’t exactly look like Kate Upton.  She has some post baby weight flab and she owned it.  She created a documentary entitled, “Embrace” that is all about body obsession. 

The documentary is about her journey from hating her body to loving her body.  I liked this excerpt from the Yahoo! Shine Article by Elise Sole, “In the trailer for her documentary, Brumfitt describes how public support for her photo prompted her to start the “Body Image Movement,” an online community that encourages women to look beyond excessive airbrushing in the media, to reject the notion that a certain number on the scale makes one healthy, and to embrace diverse body types. “

I agree with that statement and I support Taryn’s “Body Image Movement” and her documentary.  I’m glad I’m not the only one speaking out about it.   A certain number on a scale doesn’t make you healthy and it will also not make you happy.  Happiness is an inside job and isn’t measured on a scale.

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