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Carrie Fisher’s 40 Pound Weight Loss and Why I Love Her


I’m very proud of Carrie for losing 40 pounds for Star Wars 7.  I know she had some help like a trainer and probably a nutritionist but I think that is the right way to lose weight.  I don’t advocate dieting but I do advocate eating healthy and exercising.  I’m not going to knock Carrie, EVER!  Why you ask?  Well, because the woman saved my life.  Yes, you read that correctly, Princess Leia saved my life.

Back in 2005 I was having a tough time.  I was just released from my fourth rehab, my questionably gay husband and I were separating, I got fired from my job and I was homeless.  I didn’t have a cent to my name.  I was lower than rock bottom.  I met Carrie and told her my list of problems trying not to cry and she said this to me, “come live with me.”  To which I replied, “are you serious?”  To which she replied, “yes.”

And there I was moving my trash bags full of clothing into Carrie’s Beverly Hills home.  I mostly stayed in the side house in a room that Sean Lennon occupied when he wasn’t on tour.  Sometimes I would stay in the pool house or in Carrie’s room.  She offered to pay for my divorce which I declined because I thought it was the sweetest thing to let me stay with her. I didn’t want to take advantage.

I don’t think people realize just how good hearted and altruistic Carrie is.  She literally gave me the shirt (or sweater) off her back and made sure I was okay.  I will be forever in her debt for her generosity and kindness.

I’ve had some wacky experiences in my time like sleeping next to the Dalai Lama for a week, but living with Carrie Fisher is probably my favorite wacky experience of them all.  Carrie is such an eccentric, brilliant woman that I knew going in that it was not going to be normal and I loved every bizarre minute of it.  As a writer, she was always one of my idols and as a girl I dressed up as Princess Leia for Halloween.  I felt that Carrie and I were really kindred spirits.  There was something that just clicked with us.  I don’t see her much or at all lately so I do really miss her.

The last time I saw her she became the spokesperson for Jenny Craig.  I decided to do the diet as well.  I had no idea that I was going to have emergency surgery after 10 months on the diet.  Had I known about the alleged gallbladder disease issues with the diet (there was a class action law suit in 1994 where 360,000 people claimed they got gallbladder disease from being on Jenny Craig) I would never have joined.

If Carrie and I were in touch now, I’m sure she would be proud of me for starting this blog and for speaking out against the dangers of the dieting industry.  I feel as though the force is always with me because I carry Carrie in my heart.





4 Responses to “Carrie Fisher’s 40 Pound Weight Loss and Why I Love Her”

  1. Evan

    Nice post. U show take the spiritual road. Send to huffpo?

    This message transmission has been sent via mobile device. Please excuse any brevity or spelling errors.

  2. Mara Shapshay

    Thanks Evan for commenting on my blog. You sure did marry a nice lady 🙂 Did not send to Huff Po as it is too short but can expand and send a piece in. I just may do that.


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