THE SELF WORTH DIET – Because Low Self Esteem Is Fattening

The Self Worth Diet Daily Temperature



Sorry I’ve been MIA. It was Passover and I got some blood tests done that showed an autoimmune disease which threw me off.   So you will notice that my daily temperature food entries will involve anti inflammation foods. I’m looking to change my diet and lose 15 pounds. Now, before you scream she’s dieting! That’s not true. I’m eating a healthy food that is best for my body and exercising way more so that I can turn around the autoimmune diagnosis the best I can.

I find that it is important every day to review the day before and write down everything I ate, what I did well and what I didn’t do well. In order to have healthy self worth, having self awareness is very important. I log everything I’ve eaten the day before to make sure I’m eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and that I’m staying away from dangerous processed foods and sugar. Upon reviewing my day I know if I need to make an amends to anyone because having self worth means you’re accountable for your words and actions. I also see where I can do better the next day as well as congratulate myself for things I have done well.

I encourage everyone in the comments section to write down their daily temperature.

Daily AEIOU Plus Y and G

A – Appetite

Breakfast – Apple, piece of Matzah

Lunch – Salad with kale, spinach, red beans, beets and carrots

Snack – Raspberries

Dinner – Turkey, asparagus and salad

E – Exercise

40 minutes on the elliptical and free weights

I – Myself

I’m taking charge of my health and really working on becoming the healthiest I can be.

O – Others

What I did for others yesterday – I talked to a Holocaust survivor that was sitting next to me at my seder table and also waited on her

U – Uncover Feelings (what was the predominant feeling you had yesterday? And what could you do better?)

I was content yesterday because everything is as it should be. Everything is perfect in God’s world. I had some fear yesterday about my health and getting pregnant and that fear I had to turn over to a higher power. It’s going to take a while to completely remove that fear, but I need to let it go. I’m not in charge of my life, my higher power is.

Y- Yahoo (what was the highlight of my day yesterday)

The seder at my shul was pretty cool and that brisket (I had a tiny, tiny piece was out of this world).

G- Gratitude (List 3 things you are grateful for)

I’m grateful for my faith, I’m grateful for my husband, I’m grateful for being in the solution







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