THE SELF WORTH DIET – Because Low Self Esteem Is Fattening

Top Ten Spiritual Books That Can Increase Your Self Worth


To quote a friend, “spirituality works.”  It’s true, it does.  I have never met a person who has found happiness through that pair of Jimmy Choo shoes, a Mercedes, through intellectual pursuits or through their job.  The happiest people I’ve met are the ones that have a deep connection to their creator.  Below is a list of books that can help you not only improve your self worth but will also keep you on the spiritual path.

1.  “Women Food and God” by Geneen Roth

2.  “Daring Greatly” by Brene Brown

3.  “The Art of Happiness” by The Dalai Lama

4.  “When Things Fall Apart” by Pema Chodron

5.  “Further Along The Road Less Traveled” by M Scott Peck

6.  “A Return To Love” by Marianne Williamson

7.  “The Sermon on the Mount” by Emmet Fox

8.  “God in Search of Man:  A Philosophy of Judaism” by Joshua Heschel

9.  “Wise Blood” by  Flannery O’Connor

10. “Waiting for God” by Simone Weil

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